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Strange Ruber Duck rules

Programming 20 Nov 2018 991

Find out what a Rubber Duck is really in IT world. How would that solve you forming questions proper...

Birdcage liners

News 20 Nov 2018 985

What are the New Year resolutions of co-founder of Trello? Why Facebook and Twitter have selfish alg...

A Fresh look on Gamification

Programming 20 Nov 2018 904

What's a gamification, why we should worry about it and most importantly why some people are just no...

The new age of Stack Overflow

Programming 20 Nov 2018 880

Find out what new things are going to happen on the most useful IT portal out there: Stack Overflow....

NEW! Stack Overflow for Teams

Programming 20 Nov 2018 699

Stack Overflow allows now raising and answering questions for just your Teams in company or in speci...

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