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Pitfals of Cloneable in Java

JAVA 14 Oct 2018 758

How to create a deep copy of ArrayList via clone() ? Find out that there are some interesting defaul...

Spring in Action, Fifth Edition – Review

Java 22 Nov 2018 269

Read on sample Spring Framework book review for JAVA developers and web programmers. Find out if the...

Interface-based programming

JAVA 09 Dec 2018 217

How not limit your applications by using to the most fundamental principle of programming: interface...

JVM and Attach API

JAVA 02 Dec 2018 194

Update running code in JVM via some Attach API and find out how to stop hackers from hijacking your ...

The Builder pattern - Basic and Hierarchical builders

JAVA 11 Nov 2018 190

Learn how Builder design pattern works and what types of you you can start using to enhance readabil...

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