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Pitfals of Cloneable in Java

JAVA 14 Oct 2018 1188

How to create a deep copy of ArrayList via clone() ? Find out that there are some interesting defaul...

Getting index of the element in a for loop with an indexed_view

C 25 Mar 2019 702

Use the `for` loop to get the element's index when iterating over indexed_view and index-based array...

Custom template type class: strong_typedef

C 29 May 2019 654

Start using custom classes instead of build-in one for wrapping existing types and associates with a...

Access private data in C++

C 25 Jun 2019 651

Find out how to access private class data in C++ with standard available approaches and without awfu...

Replace raw pointers with: object_ptr

C 21 Mar 2019 640

Provide a pointer-like object that won't own the pointee and can be used as a replacement of raw poi...

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