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Migration guide from Dagger to Koin in easy steps

Android 29 Oct 2018 107

Assemble a sample Dagger application with some sample components which then we will migrate over to ...

Mobile Applications Testing: Key Principles and Features

Android 10 Dec 2018 90

What is Mobile Testing? and how you should approach it properly? Go through the from top to bottom w...

EasyFlipViewPager — The Flip Animations For Mobile Apps

Android 10 Dec 2018 82

A story of an animation Android library to create book & card flipping animations in ViewPager. ...

Using Android Jetpack Part 1: Components Lifecycles

Android 18 Dec 2018 77

Learn what Jetpack is and what collection of software components will it include. Discover Animdatio...

Kotlin for Android Developers - Data Class

Android 22 Sep 2018 75

Start using Data Class in Java together with it's getters, setters and overridden hashCode() for gen...

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