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Metricbeat and Elasticsearch in Monitoring of Microsoft SQL Server

Elasticsearch 24 Apr 2019 537

Discover Metricbeat 7 transacation logs and performance via metrics in Kibana. Perform a speed metri...

Scaling up websites with Open edX and Docker

18 Jul 2018 216

Scaling a portal can be challenging task it doesn't just require new servers and hardware but mainly...

Comparison of the Elasticsearch cross-cluster replication to the others

Elasticsearch 02 May 2019 215

Read on ability to community with more than 1 cluster, discover ccr-stats and recovery new API endpo...

NEST Elasticsearch .NET client: Indexing documents

Elasticsearch 01 May 2019 175

Start using elasticsearch with any .NET application by NEST Elasticsearch .NET client in no time. Le...

Watson Assistant Chatbots in WordPress

AI 12 Jan 2018 172

Integrate Watson Assistant a new great Chatbot to automatically answer your customer question into a...

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