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PHP 5 is no longer supported version!

Php 08 Dec 2018 629

The world is moving forward and planned cut off of major version of PHP 5 is about to happen in this...

Random strings generator in Nodejs

Javascript 20 Aug 2018 617

Build your own random strings generator in your application. Script could be used for generating has...

Customize terminal string in NodeJS

Javascript 14 Jan 2019 599

Change the default color schemes of your console window in Windows based computers. Install it via `...

Better debugging and monitoring with Z-Ray

PHP 07 Aug 2018 586

Z-Ray is a console made tool available for developers to help them investigate potential issues. It'...

Magento Progressive Web Apps Studio

Php 11 Dec 2018 562

Discover a set of tools to develop user stories with mobile view experience. Provide a quick front-e...