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Mobile Applications Testing: Key Principles and Features

Android 10 Dec 2018 623

What is Mobile Testing? and how you should approach it properly? Go through the from top to bottom w...

ConstraintLayout in the LIMELIGHT

Android 19 Dec 2018 619

Discover new ConstraintLayout introduced in 2016 by Google itself. Find out why there is a lot of hy...

Implementing Dagger 2 in Android

Android 23 Dec 2018 561

Dagger is a dependency injection provided for Java and Android. It's created by Google and it aims t...

Coroutines in Kotlin as Async processes

Android 16 Dec 2018 521

Learn about coroutines in Kotlin framework on mobile. By splitting 1 task into two asynchronous proc...

Collections and sequences in Kotlin

Android 25 Nov 2018 519

Kotlin handles collections natively and differently than standard application written in plain Java....