Laminas: MVC Framework for PHP – Book Review

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Read on a book review for "Laminas: MVC Framework for PHP" and find out why it's been called the most innovative MVC framework for PHP in 2020. Find out all about covered subjects, and mentioned topics. Check out a writing style and book interior.

Get a chance to check the code examples and their code quality. Find also a main summary outlining richness of this book. Learn on new components and how to write a read-made API microservices in seconds togetehr with their validations and response handlers. Start using new Laminas and discover a new way of designing your websites fast and reliable.

"Guest post written by: Wojtek Marczak. Put aside any PHP framework with MVC architecture which you used to work with just for a little moment and make a room for new pretender to the crown. Start to e..."

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