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Laminas: MVC Framework for PHP – Book Review

Php 09 May 2020 1882

Read on a book review for "Laminas: MVC Framework for PHP" and find out why it's been called the mos...

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in easy way

Web design 31 Jul 2018 1000

If you understand how a brewery works, then you can understand Amazon Web Services (AWS). When yo...

Ajax Promises Visualized By Gambling At A Casino

Javascript 26 Aug 2018 910

If you have ever gambled or watched a movie about gambling, then you can understand promises in Java...

Node Package Manager (NPM) Explained

Javascript 24 Sep 2018 1005

Today, in 2018, millions of developers have used Node.js to create the back-end for their web applic...

Closures as simple as Mailing a Package

Javascript 19 Oct 2018 848

If you have mailed a package or letter in the past, then you can understand closures in JavaScript. ...

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Begin and End with range-based for loops

C++ 23 Feb 2019 935

Start using `begin` and `end` without defining a global function templates or via preferences of `st...

Replace raw pointers with: object_ptr

C++ 21 Mar 2019 962

Provide a pointer-like object that won't own the pointee and can be used as a replacement of raw poi...

Getting index of the element in a for loop with an indexed_view

C++ 25 Mar 2019 955

Use the `for` loop to get the element's index when iterating over indexed_view and index-based array...

Custom template type class: strong_typedef

C++ 29 May 2019 976

Start using custom classes instead of build-in one for wrapping existing types and associates with a...

Access private data in C++

C++ 25 Jun 2019 974

Find out how to access private class data in C++ with standard available approaches and without awfu...